A small life update, and some exciting news!

2020 has definitely not gone as planned. At the start of the outbreak, I was living in Miami on the verge of launching my website. I was ready, but COVID-19 got in the way. 

Forcing me to pause everything, take a step-back and re-evaluate my next steps. Not only for the brand but also for me. After much uncertainty, I came to the decision to move back to Puerto Rico with my family indefinitely.

When I left the island to attend SCAD, I always knew I would eventually return home to grow my brand. The pandemic no doubt triggered my decision to move back home sooner than I expected. Realizing that this crisis was an opportunity in disguise.

I’ve always dreamed of having a little studio at home. So much so that it became my quarantine project. Since then, I've been acquiring equipment and setting up a home-studio. Hoping to create all of my future pieces in-house and made to order. 

Despite all the difficulties endured this year, I am proud to have made this decision and make Puerto Rico my home again. To be with the people I love, while doing what I love. 

Hopefully, "LB.M Home-Studio" will be up and running very soon!

XO - Lu